Practice Quizzes for Biology Learners

Test your biology mastery with any of these self-grading quizzes. Organized by topic, and contain 1-15 practice questions that you may see on a typical biology exam.

General Biology

Scientific Method |  The Nature of Biology 

The Science of Biology

The Chemistry of Life

Microscope Parts |  Microscope Parts and Use

Cell Membrane (A) | Cell Parts  | Cell Quiz 

The Cell Theory

Diffusion & Osmosis

Photosynthesis |  Respiration

Biochemistry | Enzymes | Basic Chemistry

Mitosis | Mitosis (A) | Meiosis

DNA Quiz 1 | DNA Quiz 2
DNA Quiz 3 | DNA Quiz 4
DNA Quiz 5 | DNA Quiz 6

Pathogens |  Viruses

Mendelian Genetics |  Advanced Genetics Crosses (A)

Chromosomes & Karyotypes

Taxonomy | Evolution | How Organisms Evolve


Simple Animals

Protists | Flatworms & Roundworms

Cnidarians and Other Invertebrates


Fish & Amphibians

Frog Test 1 | Frog Test 2

Frog Test 3 | Frog Test 4

Frog Anatomy (Drag and Drop) Quiz

Frog Mouth (Quizlet)


Bird Skeleton (Drag and Drop Labeling)


Biomes | Populations | Communities

Anatomy and Physiology

Introduction to Anatomy | Introduction to Anatomy Quiz 2


Urinary System (Kidney)

Respiratory System

Digestive System

Muscles (fascia, cells, neurotransmitters)

Heart Labeling

Skeletal System

Urinary System

Quiz: The Neuron

Brain Anatomy Quiz | Brain Functions