Biology 2 & 2A

~the study of life~

Chapter 30: Chordates and Fishes

Frog Dissection

Frog External Anatomy
Frog Digestive and Urogenital System
Frog Brain and Bones

Frog Dissection Alternative

Frog Notes - additional diagrams and information

Frog Labeling - review the frog by labeling these images
Frog Dissection Coloring - color the organs of the frog
Ultimate Frog Anatomy Review - prepare for lab test
Frog Dissection Crossword - descriptions of frog anatomy

Chapter 32: Mammals

Notes: Mammals presentation

Reading Guide: 32-1 Mammals

Mammal Chart - for writing information down during the mammal presentation
Mammal Orders - practice identifying orders by description or example 
Mammal Flash Cards

Mammal Review Guide

Mammal Quiz (Orders)
Ch 32: Mammals (Vocab)

Fetal Pig Dissection (Bio 2A)

Fetal Pig Dissection Lab Guide
Fetal Pig Dissection Word List

The Ultimate Fetal Pig Dissection Review
Fetal Pig Practice Quiz 
Fetal Pig Photo Gallery

Chapter 14: Human Genetics

Notes: Human Heredity presentation
Chromosomes and Sex Linkagepresentation
Human Molecular Genetics

Read 14-1 | Read 14-2  | Read 14-3 

Human Genetics Survey presentation
Human Genetics Bingo - mainly for fun, similar to survey

Genetics Practice: 

Multiple Alleles | Blood Types
X-Linked Traits | Calico Cats
Pedigrees Practice

Possible Simulations & Activities

Chromosome Study - cut and paste chromosomes to create a karyotype
Online Karyotype Analysis - match virtual chromosomes
Variations on a Human Face - flip coins to determine the traits
Pipe Cleaner Babies - use pipe cleaners as a simulation

Chapter 14 Review Guide

Chapter 3: Ecology

Notes: Ecology presentation

Reading Guides: 3-1, 3-2: What is Ecology
3-3 Cycles of Matter

Build a Foodweb - complete online and print your completed web
Food Web Labeling - identify the producers and the consumers

Owl Pellet Lab - dissect owl pellets and reconstruct skeletons

Biodiversity of Ponds - study a sample of pond water

Chapter 4: Climate

Notes: Climate and Ecosystems | Biomes

Reading: 4-1, 4-2 4-3 Biomes

Biomes at MoBot
Biome Map Coloring

Biome Concept Map - fill in the blanks
Biome Concept Map 2- create your own graphic about a specific biome 
Biome Project - create a presentation about a biome



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