Biology 2 & 2A

~the study of life~

Chapter 30: Chordates and Fishes

Frog Dissection

Frog External Anatomy
Frog Digestive and Urogenital System
Frog Brain and Bones

Frog Dissection Alternative

Frog Notes - additional diagrams and information

Frog Labeling - review the frog by labeling these images
Frog Dissection Coloring - color the organs of the frog
Ultimate Frog Anatomy Review - prepare for lab test
Frog Dissection Crossword - descriptions of frog anatomy

Chapter 14: Human Genetics

Notes: Human Heredity presentation
Chromosomes and Sex Linkagepresentation
Human Molecular Genetics

Read 14-1 | Read 14-2  | Read 14-3 

Human Genetics Survey presentation
Human Genetics Bingo - mainly for fun, similar to survey

Genetics Practice: 

Multiple Alleles | Blood Types
X-Linked Traits | Calico Cats
Pedigrees Practice

Possible Simulations & Activities

Chromosome Study - cut and paste chromosomes to create a karyotype
Online Karyotype Analysis - match virtual chromosomes
Variations on a Human Face - flip coins to determine the traits
Pipe Cleaner Babies - use pipe cleaners as a simulation

Chapter 14 Review Guide

Chapter 3: Ecology

Notes: Ecology presentation

Reading Guides: 3-1, 3-2: What is Ecology
3-3 Cycles of Matter

Build a Foodweb - complete online and print your completed web
Food Web Labeling - identify the producers and the consumers

Owl Pellet Lab - dissect owl pellets and reconstruct skeletons

Biodiversity of Ponds - study a sample of pond water

Chapter 4: Climate

Notes: Climate and Ecosystems | Biomes

Reading: 4-1, 4-2 4-3 Biomes

Biomes at MoBot
Biome Map Coloring

Biome Concept Map - fill in the blanks
Biome Concept Map 2- create your own graphic about a specific biome 
Biome Project - create a presentation about a biome



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