Review - Chapter 10

All of this will be on the test. Quiz yourself! Requiz yourself! Have someone else quiz you!

1. What is responsible for moving chromosomes during mitosis?
2. In what phase does a cell spend most of its life?
3. What does each phase of mitosis look like?
4. What happens during each of the phases?
5. What are the four phases of mitosis (from first to last)?
6. What are chromatids? How do they differ from chromosomes?
7. What are chromosomes made of? Where are they found?
8. What is a centromere?
9. What are the five parts of the cell cycle?
10. How many chromosomes are in a human body cell?
11. What are centrioles? What types of cells have them?
12. What is the spindle?
13. What is cytokinesis? How is it different in plants and animal cells?
14. What two things limit the size of cells?
15. Why is surface area and volume important for cell sizes?
16. What limits cell division?
17. What is cyclin?
18. Define Cancer. What causes cancer?
19. What are stem cells and where do they come from?
20. Place the following in the correct order and label each phase.