Cell Cycle Labeling

1.  Identify the phase of each and write the complete name in the box.

mitosis graphic

2.  Match the following structures on the diagram:

____  Centriole (Centrosome)                  
____  Spindle                                    
____  Nuclear Membrane           
____  Chromatin                                             
____  Chromatid                            
____ Chromosome

3.  What is the diploid number of the original cell? _______   (how many chromosomes does it have?)

What is the diploid number of the daughter cells? _____

4.   How many daughter cells are produced during mitosis? _____

5.   What structures moves the chromosomes during this process? __________________________

6.   In which phase do chromosomes first become visible? _____________________________

7.   DNA is in what form of during interphase?  ____________________________

8.  During which phase do chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell? _____________________

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Other Resources on the Cell Cycle

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Onion Root Tip Lab – view real cells with a microscope, requires lab equipment and prepared slides

Onion and Whitefish – view cells, if you missed the classroom lab; virtual version of the mitosis lab

Mitosis Internet Lesson  – view animations of mitosis; questions

Cell Cycle Cut and Paste – students arrange words and draw arrows to illustrate mitosis

Cancer: Out of Control Cells – article describing how the cell cycle relates to cancer, includes questions