Biology 1 & 1A

~the study of life~

Chapter 1: Science of Biology


How to Use the Microscope presentation
Label the Parts of the Microscope

Microscope E Lab - how to use the light miscroscope

Microscope Coloring - article with questions and coloring

Microscope Parts Quiz - rollover the parts to see the answers, practice
Microscope Quiz - multiple choice over parts and use

Chapter 10: Cell Division

Notes: Cell Division presentation | Notes: Regulating the Cell Cycle

Reading 10.1 | Reading 10.3

Mitosis Coloring

Cell Cycle Labeling

Onion Root Tip - graphic of cells, identify the phases of mitosis
Onion Root Tip Lab - observe onions root tip cells undergoing mitosis

Mitosis Internet Lesson - view mitosis at and other sites

Practice Quiz: Mitosis

Cell Cycle (Mitosis) Review Guide - list of things you should know for the test
Cell Cycle Crossword Puzzle - practice your knowledge of terms

Chapter 18: Taxonomy

Notes: Taxonomy and the Six Kingdoms presentation

18.1 Reading Guide | 18.2 Reading Guide

Taxonomy: Interpreting Graphics 
Classification - reinforcement exercise

Dichotomous Keys: Norns | Smilies | Pamishans

Taxonomy Project - create a taxonomy scheme for aliens (Bio1A)
Cladogram Analysis | Construct a Cladogram (Bio 1A)

Chapter 18 Review Guide | Quiz: Taxonomy

Chapter 27: Flatworms & Roundworms

*this chapter is optional, usually skipped

Notes: Flatworms presentation
Reading Guide: Flatworms

Notes: Roundworms presentation
Reading Guide: Roundworms

Simple Animals Matching - match the characteristic to the phylum

Observation of a Live Planarian - observe planarians, observe regeneration

Chapter 27: Annelids

Notes: Annelids presentation
Reading Guide: Annelids

Earthworm Anatomy Labeling - label the parts of the earthworm
Earthworm Dissection - dissect a preserved earthworm
Observation of a Live Earthworm -observe a live earthworm

Chapter 28: Arthropods

Notes: Arthropods presentation
Reading Guide: Chapter 28

Arthropod Poetry - clues relate to an arthropod or characteristic
Arthropod Chart - match the phylum

Crayfish External Anatomy - dissection
Crayfish Internal Anatomy - dissection, optional 
Virtual Dissection of a Crayfish - for makeup or review

Grasshopper Dissection and Coloring