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Quiz: Communities

1. In a lakeside community, an introduced species hunts by diving for birds, the native duck populations decrease in number. This is due to:
intraspecific competition
competitive exclusion
resource partitioning
aggressive mimicry

2. Which of the following is an example of symbiosis?
ants harvest nectar from flowers
ticks feed from deer
clown fish live within sea anemones
all of these

3. A caterpillar has large spots on its hind end which resemble snake eyes, this is an example of:
warning coloration
startle coloration

leaf or lizard

4. The first species to enter a new habitat are:
pioneer species
aberrant species
parasitic species
climax species

5. A niche is best described as:
an organism's way of life
the place an organism lives
all the interacting parts of an ecosystem
a biological balance

6. During resource partitioning, two different populations:
compete until only one survives
mimic each other
share resources, but occupy different niches
consume all the resources in a habitat

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