Reinforcement: The Chemistry of Life

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word bank

1. Neutral subatomic particles found in the nucleus of an atom: ______________________

2. Positively charged subatomic particles that make up atoms: ______________________

3. Negatively charged subatomic particles that make up atoms: ______________________

4. Type of bond that involves transferring electrons: ___________________________

5. Type of bond that involves sharing electrons: ___________________________

6. Substances that consist of only one type of atom: ____________________________________

7. Substances that consist of two or more elements: _________________________________

8. Weak interactions responsible for the “sticky feet” of geckos: ____________________________ forces.

9. Lactase is an _________________________ that breaks down milk sugar.

10. Molecules that make up living things and contain carbon are called _________________ molecules.

11. Large molecules made of many small subunits: _______________________________

12. Property of water that causes water to stick to other water molecules: ______________________________

13. Property of water that causes water to stick to other things: ______________________________

14. Compounds that consist of chains of carbon: _________________________________

15. A large amount of energy is needed to change water temperature; it has a high heat ________________.

16. Shows elements arranged in order by atomic number: the ___________________ table

17. _______________________ refers to molecules that have a partial negative and positive charge.

18. Formed between water molecules; type of weak bond: ____________________________ bond

19. The center of an atom; contains protons and neutrons: ________________________

20. Changing the temperature of water from cold to warm requires: ______________________

21. Sketch a molecule of water and indicate which areas are positive and which areas are negative

22. Explain how a water strider stays on the surfaceof water.

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