Frog Dissection Crossword

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1. Membrane that covers the eye
4. Opening in the mouth, airway
7. Tubes that equalize pressure to the eardrum
8. Regulates food exiting the stomach, pyloric ______ valve
10. System that includes the stomach and intestines
14. The very first stretch of the small intestine
16. The esophagus leads to this structure
17. Membrane that functions as an eardrum
19. Located above the kidneys, but only in male frogs
20. Teeth at the roof of the mouth
21. Spiderweb-like membrane that covers the heart and other organs


2. Can be large or small, helps digest food
3. The largest organ in the frog's body cavity, having 3 lobes
4. The opening where waste, eggs, and sperm exit
6. Located underneath the liver; _____ bladder
9. Long tube that runs around the kidneys, carries eggs in females
11. The lower (single) chamber of the frog's heart
12. Used to capture food, attaches to the front of the mouth
13. Stores urine; urinary _______
15. Opening in the mouth where food enters
18. Famous from from the Muppets