Fetal Pig Review Guide

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For each structure, make sure that you know the location, the appearance, the function, and what organ system it belongs to.

Review all of the information in the Fetal Pig Dissection Guide

Circulatory System and Heart

Atria / Ventricles checkbox
Pericardium checkbox
Coronary Arteries checkbox
Anterior and Posterior Vena Cava checkbox
Pulmonary Artery checkbox
Ductus Arteriosus checkbox
Aorta and Aortic Arch checkbox
Abdominal Aorta checkbox
Left and Right Subclavian checkbox
Bicarotid checkbox
Left and Right Carotid checkbox
Intercostal arteries checkbox

Renal Artery checkbox
Mesenteric Artery checkbox
Hepatic Artery checkbox
Splenic Artery checkbox
External and Internal Iliac checkbox
Ilio-lumbar artery checkbox
Femoral & Deep Femoral Artery checkbox
Anterior & Posterior Tibial Artery checkbox
Umbilical Vessels checkbox

pig cartoon

Digestive System

Tongue checkbox
Salivary Glands checkbox
Pharynx checkbox
Papillae (taste buds) checkbox
Soft palate / Hard palate checkbox
Esophagus checkbox
Liver checkbox
Small Intestine checkbox
Duodenum checkbox
Ileum (Jejunum) checkbox
Large Intestine (colon) checkbox
Cecum checkbox
Gall bladder / Bile duct checkbox
Pancreas checkbox
Pyloric Sphincter checkbox
Cardiac Sphincter checkbox
Mesentery checkbox
Rectum checkbox
Anus checkbox


Diaphragm checkbox
Trachea / Cartilaginous rings checkbox
Bronchial tubes checkbox
Larynx checkbox
Epiglottis checkbox
Pharynx checkbox
Lungs checkbox

Urogenital (Reproductive + Excretory)

Kidneys checkbox
Ureter checkbox
Urinary bladder checkbox
Urethra checkbox
Urogenital opening checkbox

Male Reproductive System

Scrotal sacs / Testes checkbox
Epididymis checkbox
Vas deferens checkbox
Penis checkbox

Female Reproductive System

Ovaries checkbox
Fallopian tubes checkbox
Uterus checkbox
Vagina checkbox
Urogenital sinus checkbox


Thyroid checkbox
Spleen checkbox
Masseter Muscle checkbox
Lymph nodes checkbox
Nipples checkbox

download pdf google doc

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