Introduction to Biology

Unit 1: The Nature of Science

anchorAnchoring phenomenon: How does a water strider stay on top of the water?

icon flask Investigation: How do insects move? (1st day activity)


The Science of Biology Guided notes

Data Nuggets - Deadly Windows

CER - Bumble Bees and Fungicides

Scientific Processes - Crossword Puzzle

Lab Safety Contract

icon flask Investigation: How Does a Water Strider Stay on Top of the Water?

CK12 - Scientific Ways of Thinking


Characteristics of Life Guided Notes

CK12 - Characteristics of Life

Characteristics of Life Crossword Puzzle

The Microscope | Guided Notes

Microscope Labeling

Microscope Coloring

icon flask Microscope Introductory Lab


Unit 2: Cellular Processes

anchor Anchoring Phenomenon: Why Do People Get Sick?

Organic Compounds Guided Notes

CK12 - Organic Compounds

CER - Hagfish Slime

icon flask Investigation: How Do Enzymes Work?

animal cell

Cell Theory and Cell Structures | Guided Notes

CK12 - Cell Theory

Coloring: Bacteria | Animal | Plant

Cell City | Cell Labeling (Simple and Complex)

Reading: Mitochondrial Disorders

Cell Crossword

Cell Flashcards

icon flask Investigation: Exploring Cells


Cell Transport and Homeostasis

Cell Transport | Guided Notes

icon flask Investigation: How Can Diffusion Be Observed?

icon flask Investigation: The Effect of Salt on a Potato


Cell Reproduction and Cancer

Cell Reproduction and Cancer | Guided Notes

CK12 Cell Division

Cell Division Reinforcement

Mitosis Coloring

Graphic: Onion Cell Mitosis


Bacteria and Viruses and the Immune System

How Do Bacteria Make You Sick | Guided Notes

Frontline: Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria

CDC Publication Antibiotic Resistance

Article: What is MRSA?

How Do Viruses Make You Sick | Guided Notes


Cellular Respiration

Cell Respiration: Chicago Cyanide Murders Case Study | Student Handout

Mitochondria Coloring Worksheet


Unit 3: Inheritance

anchorHow are diseases inherited?

Chromosome Theory of Inheritance | Guided Notes

DNA and the Gene Theory

DNA Coloring

DNA Code - Secret Message

Construct a DNA Model

DNA, Proteins and Sickle Cell

icon flask Investigation: DNA Extraction from a Strawberry


Mendelian Genetics

Genetic Disorders


Unit 4: Evolution

Developing an explanation for fur color in the rock pocket mouse

The Evolution of Skin color




Unit 5: Plants & Ecology