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Janet’s Mystery Gene  (Season 2, Episode 12; Netflix)

1.  About how many cells are in the human body? __________________

2. Those weren’t worms in Janet’s cells, what were they?


3.  DNA is wrapped around proteins called _______________________

4.  The “twisted ladders” are molecules of  deoxy__________nucleic acid 

5.   The spiral shapes of DNA is called a ________________ helix.

6.   In DNA,  A (adenine)  always pairs with _____.      C   (cytosine) pairs with  _____

7.   What happened to Janet when her DNA was split up and then recombined:

a.  she stopped talking                    b. she turned into a penguin              c.  she grew up

8.  Freckles are:   a.  dominant            b. recessive

9.  What was wrong with Janet when she was about to enter the kindergarten room?


10.  Genes are only part of the story.  What actually caused Janet’s nervousness?