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Reinforcement: Evolution

1.  The theory that species change over time:  _________________________________

2.  The offspring of two different species, such as a liger: ____________________________

3.   Refers to the number of individuals in a population with a trait: ______________________

4.   The process by which evolution occurs;  natural ______________________________

5.   Refers to differences in individual in a population, like light versus dark mice: ______________

6.   Refers to how traits are passed from parents to offspring _______________________

7.   Traits that help organisms survive and reproduce: __________________________

8.   Process by which humans create organisms with desirable traits: _____________ selection

9.  The idea that each living species descended from other species:  common ____________

10.  A diagram that shows features common to groups or populations: _______________

11.  The formation of new species: ______________________

12.  Remains of organisms that lived in the past:  _____________________

13.  Structures that are similar in related organisms, like bones of the arm:  ________________

14. A __________________ structure is a part of the body that has no function; evidence of evolution. 

15.  Famous birds studied by Darwin on the Galapagos: ____________________________

We studied different animals to understand evolution.  Summarize how each of the examples below illustrate evolution by natural selection.

16.  Rock pocket micemouse



17.  Elephants (tusks)



18.  Beaks of finches in the Galapagos