The Beak of the Finch (HHMI) Video Worksheet

Biointeractive has a huge amount of great resources for evolution. I use the Rock Pocket Mouse activity with my freshmen every year. It is a big hit. We also discuss finches on the Galapagos island. What evolution unit would be complete without talk of Darwin and finches?

The HHMI video focuses on modern research on those island birds. Particularly, it focuses on how ground finches changed in a short amount of time due to drought and food scarcity.

Though, HHMI does have a video worksheet, I found it to be longer (and more difficult) than I needed for my freshman class. This version is shorter, and contains a graph to analyze, which was adapted from their data points exercise.

I play the video after introducing the topic of evolution. My presentation slides also include mentions of other HHMI resources, such as tuskless elephants and anoles in the Bahamas.