HHMI and Case Studies

If you use HHMI Biointeractive resources and case studies found at the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science, then you’ll appreciate this announcement.

The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science is collaborating with HHMI BioInteractive to pair case studies in our collection with their wonderful resources.  Below is a list of the first group of cases (32 in total) that now have HHMI BioInteractive materials associated with them through the Videos and/or Supplemental Materials tabs of each case’s Overview Record.

I have not tried these yet, though I have used many of the case studies in the past with my AP Biology students.  I’ve even been able to modify a few to work with my anatomy and physiology class.    I’ve also made a few case studies of my own based on the format used by NCCSTS.  “A Tiny Heart” is a case study I created based on a story of a personal friend whose baby was born with a heart defect.

HHMI Case Studies

 A Strange Fish Indeed: Grant
A Tale of Twin Towns: Gudi
Chimpanzee Droppings Lead Scientists to Evolutionary Discovery: Kosal
Classic Experiments in Molecular Biology: Pals-Rylaarsdam
Cross-Dressing or Crossing-Over? Sex Testing of Women Athletes: Knabb and Sharp
Darwin’s Finches and Natural Selection: Heinz and Ribbens
Face the Fats: Rice
I heart Running: Carr & Harris
Packing Pickles: Picking and Performing a Statistical Test: Cheng & Stevenson
Putting the Pieces Together: The Discovery of DNA Structure and Replication: Bonney
Resistance is Futile – Or Is It? The Immunity System and HIV Infection: Prud’homme-Genereux

Resistance is Futile – Or Is It? The Clicker: Tellen


Retro Goes Modern: Byrd and Elliot

Search for the Missing Sea Otters: Allen and Kuhlman
The Case of Desiree’s Baby: The Genetics and Evolution of Skin Color: Schneider
The Coelacanth: An Odd Fish: Ribbens
The Ebola Wars: General Edition: Dube, Iadarola & Addy

The Ebola Wars: Advanced Edition: Dube, Iadarola & Addy

The Effects of Coyote Removal in Texas: Carroll
The Evolution of Human Skin Color: Prud’homme-Genereux
Link: http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/collection/detail.asp?case_id=584&id=584
The Heart of the Problem:  Garner & Ree
The Mona Lisa Molecule: Mysteries of DNA Unraveled: Moitra
The Return of Canis lupus? Collins
The Wolf, the Moose, and the Fir Tree: Fortier
The Write Weight: Burleson
Three Cases from the Membrane Files: Ribbens
To the Bitter End: Overath
Who Set the Moose Loose? Trophic Interactions in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Hanam

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