Anatomy (Dissections)

 Most biology classes will have some form of dissection – the frog is the most common.  However, if you do not do an actual dissection, many of the sections below contain links to virtual dissections and image files.  I also have resources at for classes that are focused on human anatomy and cat dissections. 

frog_green19_200pxFrog Dissection

Frog Dissection: Complete Guide – includes external anatomy, mouth, and the organs of the abdominal cavity, download available in pdf and google doc.

Frog External Anatomy  – legs, eyes, mouth structures
Frog Dissection   –  major organs of the digestive, urogenital, and circulatory and respiratory systems

Frog Brain and Bones – remove the frog’s brain, expose the bones of the lower leg

Frog Dissection Crossword – review terms and procedures
Observe a Living Frog – non dissection, behavior and characteristics
Bullfrog Dissection – bullfrog dissection guides, more advanced than basic frog dissection

Frog Dissection Alternative – for students who do not wish to dissect a frog, project using internet resources
Frog Anatomy Review – resource site for virtual frogs and practice quizzes
Frog Anatomy Labeling – basic pictures of frogs for students to label, serves as a review for the lab test

Frog Dissection Gallery – collection of labeled and unlabeled images of the frog

Fetal Pig

Fetal Pig Dissection  – instructions for dissecting the fetal pig, includes external anatomy, major organs of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and urinary system
Fetal Pig Dissection Review  – resources for studying
Fetal Pig Lab Guide – lists structures and check boxes

Fetal Pig Gallery – collection of labeled and unlabeled images

Other Organisms

Planarian Observation – test response to light and food, observe regeneration

Observation of a Live Earthworm – examine an annelid, observe its behavior
Earthworm Anatomy – dissect an earthworm, locate major structures
Earthworm Virtual Dissection – using animation and photos, alternative to real dissection
Earthworm Labeling – image of an earthworm, label its parts

Squid Dissection – describes procedure for dissecting a squid and identifying structures
Virtual Squid Dissection – walk-through guide with photos of the squid

Crayfish External Anatomy  – focusing on the appendages and mouthparts
Crayfish Dissection – the body cavity is exposed to reveal structures such as gills and the green gland
Crayfish Virtual Dissection – images and walk-through of crayfish dissection

Grasshopper Anatomy – examines the appendages and mouth parts
Fish Anatomy – coloring guide, fish organs and analyze fish age by scale rings
Fish Observation – view a live goldfish, take data on breathing rates

Rat Dissection

Introduction – rat classification, body regions, terminology
External – general external structures, skinning of the rat to expose muscles and bone
Head, Thoracic, Abdominal – digestive system, heart, lungs
Urogenital System – kidneys, reproductive organs
Circulatory – major veins and arteries

Anatomy and Physiology

Sheep Brain Dissection |  Virtual Sheep Brain Dissection

Sheep Heart Dissection | Virtual Heart Dissection

Cow Eye Dissection | Virtual Cow Eye Dissection


Kidney Coloring – color the nephron, and various other structures

Body Worlds Resources – worksheets and information about the Body Worlds Exhibit by Gunther von Hagens

*Human Anatomy and Cat dissection resources can be found at the A&P Class Site