Animal Anatomy and Dissection Resources


Frog dissections have been a standard for biology classrooms for decades. Frog Specimens available on Amazon or through biological supply companies.

Complete Frog Dissection Packet – handout for students that includes the external and internal anatomy, brain, and leg bones. Includes a list of terms to study for lab practical.

Frog Dissection Labeled Images – shows the mouth, internal structures, and urinary system. Basic line drawings that students can practice labeling.

External Anatomy of the Frog  – introduction to the dissection; instructions on how to find structures of the head and mouth

Student Guide to the Frog Dissection   – student guide to  major organs of the digestive, urogenital, and circulatory and respiratory systems

Removal of the Frog Brain and Bones – remove the frog’s brain, expose the bones of the lower leg

Frog Dissection Crossword – review terms and procedures

Alternative to the Frog Dissection – for students who do not wish to dissect a frog, project using internet resources

Ultimate Frog Anatomy Review – resource site for virtual frogs and practice quizzes

Label the Anatomy of a Frog – basic pictures of frogs for students to label, serves as a review for the lab test

Color the Dissection of a Frog – describes organs for students to color on a diagram.

Frog Dissection Gallery – collection of labeled and unlabeled images of the frog

Observe a Living Frog – non dissection, behavior and characteristics

Bullfrog Dissection – bullfrog dissection guides, more advanced than basic frog dissection


Frog Quizzes

Kahoot – Practice identifying structures on images of the frog, students can practice on their own or in class

Frog Test 1 | Frog Test 2 | Frog Test 3 | Frog Test 4

Anatomy of the Frog (Drag and Drop) Quiz

Frog Mouth (Quizlet)

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pigFetal Pig

Fetal Pig Specimens available on Amazon. These are more expensive than other specimens, but are easier to identify structures and closely resemble human anatomy.

fetal pig

Guide to the Fetal Pig Dissection  – instructions for dissecting the fetal pig, includes external anatomy, major organs of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and urinary system

Ultimate Fetal Pig Dissection Review  – resources for studying

Fetal Pig Lab Guide – lists structures and check boxes

Gallery of the Fetal Pig – collection of labeled and unlabeled images, Google photos

Fetal Pig Flashcards (Quizlet) – practice identifying structures


Earthworms are an inexpensive way to introduce students to dissections! Specimens available on Amazon.

Observation of a Live Earthworm – examine an annelid, observe its behavior (Bio 2) – (Order Live Earthworms)

Investigation: Earthworm – advanced version exploring earthworm behavior (AP Bio)

Explore the Anatomy of an Earthworm – dissect an earthworm, locate major structures

Label the Anatomy of an Earthworm – image of an earthworm, label its parts


Squid Dissection – describes procedure for dissecting a squid and identifying structures

Label the Anatomy of a Squid – label an image showing the internal and external structures

Virtual Squid Dissection – walk-through guide with photos of the squid


Crayfish External Anatomy  – focusing on the appendages and mouthparts

Internal Anatomy of a Crayfish – the body cavity is exposed to reveal structures such as gills and the green gland

Crayfish Virtual Dissection – images and walk-through of crayfish dissection

Grasshopper Anatomy – examines the appendages and mouth parts

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ratRat Dissection

Introduction – rat classification, body regions, terminology
External – general external structures, skinning of the rat to expose muscles and bone
Head, Thoracic, Abdominal – digestive system, heart, lungs
Urogenital System – kidneys, reproductive organs
Circulatory – major veins and arteries

Color the Skeleton of the Rat

Anatomy and Physiology

Sheep Brain Dissection |  Virtual Sheep Brain Dissection

Heart Dissection | Virtual Heart Dissection

Cow Eye Dissection | Virtual Cow Eye Dissection

Human Anatomy

Label the Digestive System

Label the Skeleton | Label the Skull | Label the Carpals and Tarsals

Human Muscles Coloring

Label the Heart

Eye Coloring

Measuring Lung Capacity

Demonstration: Exhaling Carbon Dioxide (Bromothymol Blue)

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