Frog Dissection Resources

Frog Dissection: Complete Guide – includes external anatomy, mouth, and the organs of the abdominal cavity, download available in pdf and google doc.

Frog Dissection Overview – introduction to the lab, Google Slides

Frog External Anatomy  – legs, eyes, mouth structures
Frog Dissection   –  major organs of the digestive, urogenital, and circulatory and respiratory systems

Frog Brain and Bones – remove the frog’s brain, expose the bones of the lower leg

Frog Dissection Crossword – review terms and procedures
Observe a Living Frog – non dissection, behavior and characteristics
Bullfrog Dissection – bullfrog dissection guides, more advanced than basic frog dissection

Frog Dissection Alternative – for students who do not wish to dissect a frog, project using internet resources
Frog Anatomy Review – resource site for virtual frogs and practice quizzes
Frog Anatomy Labeling – basic pictures of frogs for students to label, serves as a review for the lab test

Time Framework

Day 1 External Anatomy
Day 2Internal Anatomy (digestive, urinary)
Day 3Heart and Lungs
Day 4Brain and Leg Bones
Day 5Review (go over packet) / Kahoot
Day 5Lab Practical

Photos and Images

Flickr Album: Frog Dissection 

Google Photos – Frog Dissection

frog submerged

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