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Observation of a Living Frog

Looking for live frogs to go with this lab? You can order them from a variety of sources or raise them yourself if you can find and collect tadpoles in the spring. Toads are also an acceptable alternative.

Ward's Natural Science
Carolina Biological Supply

Procedure: Working in groups of 4, teams will observe the behaviors of a live frog. Find the answers to all questions, and report on a separate piece of paper. For each number, include the question you are answering on your paper (the heading). The bulleted lists are there to help you answer the question entirely. Make sure you are thorough.

Materials: One grass frog, small terrarium, crickets or mealworms, ice packs, flashlights.

Frog Handling: When handling the frog be careful not to allow the frog to slip from your grasp and injure itself by jumping onto the floor or the table. A wet paper towel can be used to gently hold the frog.

1. How Does a Frog Hang Out?

frog2. How Are the Frog's Eyes Specialized?

3. Can the Frog Orientate itself?

4. Do Frogs Talk and if they Could, What Would They Talk About?

5. How Does a Frog Breathe?

6. How Does a Frog Swim?

7. How Does a Frog Eat?

8. Can You Hypnotize Your Frog?

9. How Far Can a Frog Jump?

10. What's Up With a Frog's Skin?

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