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Human Muscles Coloring

Find each of the muscles (or groups) and color them appropriately. For simplicity, not all groups are shown, and some are only shown partially.

checkbox Zygomaticus (gray)
checkbox Platysma (orange)
checkbox Orbicularis oculi (pink)
checkbox Epicranius frontalis (yellow)
checkbox Temporalis (light blue)
checkbox Orbicularis oris (red)
checkbox Sternocleidomastoid (light green)
checkbox Serratus anterior (gray)

checkbox Pectoralis major (purple)
checkbox Pectoralis minor (orange)
checkbox Deltoid (dark blue)
checkbox Brachioradialis (yellow)
checkbox Biceps brachii (light blue)
checkbox Palmaris Longus (pink)
checkbox External oblique (dark green)
checkbox Rectus abdominus (pink)
checkbox Sartorius (red)

Quadriceps group

checkbox Rectus Femoris (purple)
checkbox Vastus Medialis (yellow)
checkbox Vastus Lateralis (light brown)

checkbox Gracilis (green)
checkbox Adductor longus and brevis (blue)

checkbox Tensor fasciae latae (orange)
checkbox Tibialis anterior (light green)
checkbox Gastrocnemius (dark blue)