Stickleback Fish – An Evolution Story

screenshotHHMI Biointeractive has thousands of quality resources for teaching evolution.  This virtual lab asks students to examine Bear Paw and Frog Lake and compare the types of fish in each.  As students progress through the activity, they learn how glacial lakes form, and why spines may be an advantage in some types of lakes but not others.  Students learn how fish are trapped and how they measure for the presence of a complete, reduced, or absent pelvis.

The activity uses real data and images from research this is currently ongoing.  The worksheet I have made is modified from the downloadable version on the Stickleback Virtual Lab.  This handout is shorter and designed to be completed in about one class period, with additional time needed for discussion.   I have also added analysis questions for advanced classes that ask students to make predictions about other lakes.

Grade Level:  9-12  | Time Required  1 – 1.5 hours

Download PDF Google Doc

HS-LS4-4 – Construct an explanation based on evidence for how natural selection leads to adaptation of populations.


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