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Reinforcement: Chromosomes


gametes diploid haploid zygote homolog
karyotype meiosis trisomy mitosis karyotype

1. Cells that have the complete set of chromosomes are called ________________
2. Cells that have only half of that number are called ____________________.
3. Process of cell division that results in 4 haploid cells used in sexual reproduction:
4. Process of cell division that results in 2 diploid cells, used for growth and repair. 
5. Two haploid cells combine during fertilization to form a  ______________________
6.  Type of cells used in sexual reproduction, sperm and eggs  ____________________
7.  Information storing molecule that makes up chromosomes: ____________
8.  A matching chromosomes, it is the same size and has the same pattern: ___________
9.  When there is an extra chromosome in a set, causing disorders like Down Syndrome: __________
10.  An image of chromosomes, paired and ordered from large to small: __________________

Do the (Chicken) Math

11.  Chicken have 78 chromosomes in their body cells. 

How many chromosomes are in chicken sperm?   _________

12.  A chicken cell undergoes meiosis, how many cells are created? _________

How many chromosomes are in each cell? _________

13. A chicken sperm and egg combine to create a zygote. 

How many chromosomes are in the zygote? ____________

14.  During the process of creating a sperm cell, one chromosome does not separate, the resulting sperm cell has an extra chromosome.  

This is called  _____________ 

If this sperm fertilizes an egg, how many chromosomes with the baby chick have? __________