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Reinforcement: Cell Structures

1.  Surrounds the cell and controls the movement of substances in and out: ______________________
2.  Watery material that contains cell organelles: _______________________________
3.  Contains the cell’s genetic material (DNA): ____________________________________

4. Transports proteins and other materials throughout the cell (can be smooth or rough): ___________________________
5.  Site of protein synthesis, many located on the ER: ____________________________________
6.  Contains enzymes that break down materials (digestion): _______________________________
7.  Harvests energy for the cell; “powerhouse of the cell”:  _________________________________
8.  Packages and secretes products of the cell: _________________________________________
9.  Secreted by the Golgi body, they carry products out of the cell: ___________________________
10. Found in the nucleus; makes ribosomes: __________________________________

11.  Hairlike structures found on the surface of some cells: _________________________
12.  A long, tail-like structure used for locomotion: _____________________________
13.  Structures within the cytoplasm that support and shape cell (part of cytoskeleton) ________________

14. Fluid filled container used for storage; large in plant cells: ____________________________
15. Carries out photosynthesis in plant cells: _____________________________