Plant Cell Coloring

squareCell Membrane (orange)
square Nucleoplasm (yellow)
square Mitochondria (red)
square Vacuole (light blue)
square Chromosomes (gray)
squareCell Wall (dark green)
square Nucleolus (brown)
square Chloroplasts (light green)

squareRibosome (purple)
square Cytoplasm (white)
square Golgi Apparatus (dk blue)

squareSmooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (pink)
square Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (pink)

cell drawing

1. Name two things found in a plant cell that are not found in an animal cell:


2. How does the shape of a plant cell differ from that of an animal cell?


3. What is the function of the chloroplasts?


4. What is the function of the vacuole?


5. What is the function of the mitochondria? Why do plants need both a chloroplasts and mitochondria?