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Reinforcement: Genetics

word bank

1. Description of an organism’s appearance is called its ____________________________________

2. The two letters that refer to an organism’s genetic makeup is the __________________________

3. A chart used to make predictions about a cross, for example Bb x Bb ________________________

4. A chart used to trace the inheritance of a trait in a family: _________________________

5. Disease which causes blood cells to be abnormally shaped: ___________________________

6. Disease which causes blood to be unable to clot, severe bleeding can occur: ___________________

7. Disease where mucus builds up in the lungs, causing difficulty breathing _____________________

8. Disease where a person has reduced pigment in the skin, they are very pale ___________________

9. Disease where muscles become weaker over time ____________________

10. Where genes are located, they occur in pairs in the nucleus: ________________________

11. Describes an organism that has two different types of genes, such as Aa or Bb: ______________________

12. When neither gene is dominant, such as the roan color in cows: _________________________

13. When a gene is located on the sex chromosome, such as hemophilia and muscular dystrophy: ________________

14. Genetics is the study of ___________________________

15. The gene that covers up the appearance of the other one, designated by a capital letter: _____________________

16. The gene that is covered up in the pair, designated by a lowercase letter: __________________________

17. Who was the father of genetics? ________________________________

18. What organism did he study? ____________________________________

19. If you cross a long haired guinea pig (hh) with one that is heterozygous and short haired (Hh), how many of the offspring will have long hair?

20. Fill out the genotypes on the pedigree chart. HH = short hair Hh = short hair hh = long hair

pedigree chart