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  • Exploring Senescence and the Hayflick Limit (CER)

    Exploring Senescence and the Hayflick Limit (CER)

    Students explore cell senescence and the Hayflick limit in this activity. Short reading sections with questions are included with a graph to analyze.

  • Investigation: Mitosis

    Investigation: Mitosis

    This mitosis investigation was created during the 2020 pandemic for remote learning. In previous years, biology students would view slides in the lab and analyze data on cancer and mitotic index. This at-home activity only looks at the mitosis of onion cells and I plan to add cancer and mitotic index as a separate activity.…

  • Case Study – Mitosis, Cancer, and the HPV Vaccine

    Case Study – Mitosis, Cancer, and the HPV Vaccine

    Students in my anatomy class get a quick review of the cell and mitosis. This activity on HPV shows how the cell cycle relates to overall health. In fact, many of the chapters in anatomy have anchoring phenomena on diseases and health. For example, cystic fibrosis is a cellular transport problem, but has serious effects…

  • Mitosis Drag & Drop

    Mitosis Drag & Drop

    If you have used the cell cycle label (mitosis) in class, this version will work for assigning on Google Classroom. The image of the cell cycle includes interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase, plus several structures associated with the process. Students can drag the labels to the image on Google slides and then complete a…

  • Reinforcement: Chromosomes

    Reinforcement: Chromosomes

    Helpful review on chromosomes which focuses on terms such as diploid and haploid, mitosis and meiosis, and zygote versus gamete. Students also practice chromosome math using chickens as a model, which have 78 chromosomes in body cells. Worksheet is intended as a review for basic level biology students.

  • Reinforcement: Cell Division

    Reinforcement: Cell Division

    This worksheet was created for an introductory biology class because they struggled with the difficult vocabulary associated with mitosis and the cell cycle.

  • Cell Cycle Labeling

    Cell Cycle Labeling

    Students label the image of a cell undergoing mitosis and answer questions about the cell cycle. 

  • Investigation:  Mitosis and Cancer Cells

    Investigation: Mitosis and Cancer Cells

    The first part of this investigation, students examine slides of mitosis in an onion root tip and count the number of cells in each phase of the cell cycle.  An equation is then used to estimate the percentage of time the cell spends in each phase and students  create a bar graph to display results. …

  • Mitosis – Internet Exploration

    Mitosis – Internet Exploration

    This assignment can be a stand-alone activity to help students learn to identify the phases of mitosis by viewing  various animations.  There are several sites to visit, where students perform tasks, such as labeling and making comparisons. Site 1: Bioman Mitosis Mover This is a game site where you progress through levels. Students can print…

  • Zoobiquity – Review and Discussion Questions

    Zoobiquity – Review and Discussion Questions

    I try to read at least one non-fiction book per year to try to keep myself up to date and inspired with new knowledge and advances in medicine.   I have a classroom set of “Stiff” that I require my AP Biology students to read during the unit on anatomy.  Recently, in a graduate class…

  • Mitosis Coloring

    Mitosis Coloring

    Students read about each of the phases of the cell cycle and label and color a diagram that shows details of  interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.    Students must also label cell structures like the centrioles, aster, spindle, and nuclear membrane. This worksheet can be used as reinforcement for a lesson on mitosis and…

  • Mitosis in an Onion Cell

    Mitosis in an Onion Cell

    Graphic shows an image of the cells in an onion root tip in various stages of mitosis.

  • Resources for Teaching and Modeling Mitosis

    Resources for Teaching and Modeling Mitosis

    Teaching resources to help students understand the process of mitosis. Use models and internet simulations to illustrate the process.