Reinforcement: Chromosomes


I created a series of reinforcement exercises for my introductory biology class which is intended to help them learn basic vocabulary terms.  This worksheet is given at the end of a series of activities and helps students prepare for the chapter tests.   

This one on chromosomes includes terms that students often have difficulty with because they are so similar, terms like diploid and haploid,  and mitosis and meiosis.

I will often give students a few minutes to try to answer the questions on their own, then project the worksheet on a whiteboard and have a volunteer write the answers in so students can correct their own work.   While they are working independently, I circulate around the room to keep students on task.   

The worksheet is simple, and is designed to be easy for students in a basic level biology class.   Answer key is provided through TpT, but I don’t think most instructors will have difficulty answering the questions.

A final section deals with how students understand chromosome numbers, with a focus on chickens which have 78 chromosomes in their body cells and 39 in their gametes.

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