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  • Reinforcement:  Anatomy of the Human Heart

    Reinforcement: Anatomy of the Human Heart

    Practice worksheet on the anatomy of the heart that includes a word bank and fill-in section. Also includes a line drawing of the heart for labeling.

  • Reinforcement:  DNA, RNA, and Sickle Cell

    Reinforcement: DNA, RNA, and Sickle Cell

    Students practice DNA and RNA by completing this simple fill-in-the-blank worksheet that focuses on vocabulary related to DNA structure and function.

  • Reinforcement: Cell

    Reinforcement: Cell

    This is a practice worksheet for students who are learning structures found in the cell. A list of terms can be matched with descriptions and definitions. The same terms can be used to label a diagram of an animal cell. I use reinforcement worksheets for review or remediation. I will give students 10 minutes to…

  • Reinforcement:  DNA

    Reinforcement: DNA

    This worksheet was designed for 2nd year biology (AP Biology) as a way for students to review the structure of DNA and the history of the experiments that lead to its establishment as the molecule of heredity. Historical references include those related to Frederick Griffith’s experiments with transformation in bacteria and Hershey-Chase experiments with bacteriophages.…

  • Reinforcement: Biomolecules

    Reinforcement: Biomolecules

    This worksheet is used with a unit on biological molecules in an introductory biology class. Students match definitions or descriptions to words provided in a word bank. The anchoring phenomenon in this unit is hagfish slime, which explains the inclusion of this concept in the list. Google Slides and Student Notes for the unit are…

  • Reinforcement: Chromosomes

    Reinforcement: Chromosomes

    Helpful review on chromosomes which focuses on terms such as diploid and haploid, mitosis and meiosis, and zygote versus gamete. Students also practice chromosome math using chickens as a model, which have 78 chromosomes in body cells. Worksheet is intended as a review for basic level biology students.