Reinforcement: Anatomy of the Human Heart

I created this worksheet for my anatomy students to review the anatomy of the heart. Students focus on vocabulary that relates to anatomical features, such as the mitral valve, aorta, and heart chambers. At the end, students label a line drawing of the heart.

I included a word bank at the top, but you could make it more challenging by removing the word bank. Generally, I do not grade these types of assignments. Instead, students take 10-15 minutes to complete it and we go over the answers together.

I made this lesson as part of a larger unit on the circulatory system. You can find slides, case studies, and a dissection guide at the chapter page. I also find it helpful to place heart models at their desks for reference as we go over the structures.

For a simpler worksheet that does not require prior knowledge, you can assign “Learn the Anatomy of the Heart.” This version has the structures of the heart numbered. Students use the descriptions in the text to label and color the heart.

anatomical heart
Line drawing of heart for labeling.