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Chapter 12: Circulatory System

This chapter is divided into three main sections: the structure of the heart which includes a dissection, naming of human vessels which includes a lab test, and finally the dissection of the cat to identify vessels.

Part 1: The Structure of the Heart

Guided Notes: Heart, Cardiac Cycle, Major Vessels presentation

Label the Heart | Label the Heart (with boxes)
Label the Circulatory System

Quiz: Label the Heart

Notes: 13.4; The Cardiac Cycle presentation

Lab: Measuring Blood Pressure

Case Study: A Tiny Heart

Review Guide: Cardiovascular System

Dissection of the Heart

Sheep Heart Dissection

*Dissection of the heart, examination of heart models, followed by lab test

Heart Dissection Walk Through - review or make-up

Heart Dissection Gallery

Review Guide: Heart and Circulatory System

Part 2: Naming the Human Vessels

*You will view slides in class showing images of the human circulatory system

*Lab practical will also be a slide test

Lab Guide on Human Vessels - lists all the vessels you need to know for the test

Presentation Slides of the Human Vessels

Veins and Arteries Labeling - label as you view the slides

Label Vessels (Full Body) | Circulatory System Concept Map

Coloring Pages : Arm and Shoulder | Head and Neck | Arteries of the Body


heart and diaphragm