Human Arteries and Veins

Unit Objective: Know the location of each of the vessels and identify them on drawings and photos.


Shoulders / Head / Neck

Aortic Arch / Ascending Aorta / Descending Aorta checkbox
Right Brachiocephalic checkbox
Right / Left Subclavian checkbox
Right / Left Common Carotid checkbox
Occipital checkbox
Superficial Temporal checkbox
Facial checkbox Lingual checkbox
External / Internal Carotid checkbox
Vertebral checkbox


Axillary checkbox Brachial checkbox
Radial checkbox Ulnarcheckbox
Vertebral (brain)


Posterior / Anterior Cerebral checkbox
Basilar checkbox
Posterior Communicating (brain)checkbox
Cricle of Willis checkbox

Chest / Abdomen

Intercostal checkbox
Abdominal Aorta checkbox Thoracic Aorta checkbox
Renal checkbox Celiac checkbox
Superior / Inferior Mesenteric checkbox
Left / Right Common Iliac checkbox
Internal / External Iliac checkbox


Femoral checkbox
Popliteal checkbox
Anterior / Posterior Tibial checkbox
Dorsal Pedis checkbox
Plantar Arch checkbox


Shoulders / Head / Neck

Superior / Inferior Venal Cava checkbox
Cephalic checkbox Axillary checkbox
Internal / External Jugularcheckbox
Left / Right Subclavian checkbox
Facial checkbox Lingual checkbox


Brachial checkbox Basilic checkbox Axillary checkbox
Radial checkbox Ulnar checkbox


Left / Right Common Iliac checkbox
External / Internal Iliac checkbox
Femoral checkbox
Great Saphenous checkbox
Small Saphenous checkbox
Ascending Lumbar checkbox

Hepatic Portal Vein checkbox

Test will be 15-20 slides, you will need to write (and spell correctly) the vessels indicated on those slides.