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Chapter 9: Nervous System

This chapter is divided into three main sections: the neuron, parts and functions of the brain, and finally the cranial nerves. This unit includes a dissection of the sheep brain and a project on brain disorders.

Extras (For Fun): Mindboggling, Perception | Optical Illusions

Part 1: Introduction to the Nervous System

Nevous System Google Slides (MS Case) | Guided Notes

Label a Neuron | Nerve Cells Coloring
Anatomy of a Synapse

Chapter Review Guide

Quizlet: Neuroglia | Neuron

Part 2: How the Brain Processes Information

Slides: Brain | Guided Notes

Article: Phineas Gage - a curious case study in brain injury

Hemisphere Dominance Test - which side of your brain is dominant - for fun!

Concept Map: Nervous System -connect the nervous system structures

The Human Brain - 3d rendering and other views
Label the Brain (Practice Worksheet)

Review Guide: 9.11 to 9.13
Review Guide: Chapter 9 (all)

Brain Crossword Puzzle

Investigation: Concussions (1A)

Quizlet: Brain (External) | Brain (Internal)

Part 3: Cranial Nerves

Slides: Part C (Cranial Nerves) | Guided Notes

Cranial Nerves Coloring - identify and color each of the cranial nerves

Dissection of a Giraffe - video showing the vagus nerve

Review Guide: 9.13 to 9.15: Cranial Nerves

Quizlet: Cranial Nerves

Part 4: Sheep Brain Dissection

Sheep Brain Dissection Guide 

Sheep Brain Dissection (online)

Sheep Brain Label Worksheet

Brain Dissection (External) on Youtube | Internal Anatomy

Gallery of the Brain

Quizlet: Sheep Brain

Brain Disorders Project

Research a brain disorder and present your research to the class