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Chapter 10: Senses

This chapter focuses on how the special senses of the body work, paying particular attention to the eye and the ear.

Part 1: The Senses and the Ear

Notes 10: Senses and the Ear presentation

Investigation: Two-Point Discrimination Test

Class Demo: ICE Test (Immersion in Cold water Evaluation)

Ear Labeling Image | Ear Coloring

Quizlet: Ear Anatomy | Ear Anatomy Model

Ear Tutorial at Wisc-Online

Part 2: The Eye

Notes: 10: The Eye presentation

Eye Coloring | Ear & Eye Coloring
Label the Eye

Quizlet: Eye Anatomy

Review Guide for Chapter Test

Part 3: Labs over the Eye and Ear

Lab Guide: Ear and Ear - list of all the structures you must know

Lab - Cow Eye Dissection | Cow Eye Virtual Dissection

Video: Cow Eye Dissection