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Chapter 8: Muscular System

This chapter is divided into three main sections: muscle basics and cellular components, naming of the muscles, and cat muscles with dissection. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time on this unit.

Part 1: Muscle Basics

Notes: Muscular System | Presentation Slides

Sarcomere Anatomy: Coloring | Sliding Filament Coloring

Muscle Anatomy Vocabulary

Study Guide: Muscle Structure | Crossword Puzzle: Muscle Anatomy

Case Study: The Tired Swimmer


        Basic Muscles | Muscles - Cellular Structure
        Muscle Fiber Structure | Muscle - Sarcomere

Magic School Bus Works Out - Season 3/ Episode 9 (See Netflix)

Part 2: Naming of the Muscles

Muscle Lab Guide: Muscles you need to know

How Muscles are Named - descriptions / vocab

Muscles Coloring: Major groups represented, color and learn!
Muscle Naming Crossword: practice spelling and identifying main groups

How Muscles Are Named

Naming the Muscles - Guided Learning Activity

Printout of ALL Muscles we labeled and colored in class

Google Slides of Muscle Groups: Head | Torso | Legs

Interactive Diagrams: Head | Back | Chest | Legs (anterior) | Legs (posterior) | Arm (flexors) | Arm (Extensors

....quizlet Head Muscles / Head Muscles 2 / Back Muscles / Back Muscles 2 / Chest / Muscles / Leg Muscles (Quads) | Leg Muscles (Hamstrings) / Arm Flexors / Arm Extensors

....Practice Test with Key

Additional Practice and Other Resources

GetBodySmart - tutorials on major muscle groups

Body Part Muscle Flashcards and use them to practice naming muscles.

More Labeling - Head | Full Body | Full Body Side

Part 3: Cat Muscles and Dissection

Cat Muscles Lab Guide - checklist of the muscles you need to identify on the cat

Presentation Slides - Muscles of the Arms and Chest

Presentation Slides - Muscles of the Legs and Abdomen

Coloring the Cat Muscles: Dorsal Side | Ventral Side

Cat Muscles - Photos of Muscles You Need to Know

Quizlet: Cat Muscles | Cat (Ventral Side) | Cat (Dorsal Side)

AnatomyCorner Resources - Virtual Cat Dissection | Cat Muscle Gallery