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Chapter 8: Muscular System

This chapter is divided into three main sections: muscle basics and cellular components, naming of the muscles, and cat muscles with dissection. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time on this unit.

Part 1: Muscle Basics

Notes: Muscular System | Presentation Slides

Sarcomere Anatomy: Coloring | Sliding Filament Coloring

Study Guide: Muscle Structure | Crossword Puzzle: Muscle Anatomy

Case Study: The Tired Swimmer


        Basic Muscles | Muscles - Cellular Structure
        Muscle Fiber Structure | Muscle - Sarcomere

Additional Resources

*Chapter test will occur before you continue to Part 2*

Part 2: Naming of the Muscles

Muscle Lab Guide: Checklist of muscles you need to know for the exam

How Muscles are Named - short explanation of where these weird names come from

Muscles Coloring: Major groups represented, color and learn!
Muscle Naming Crossword: practice spelling and identifying main groups

*As you progress through each body section below, label the corresponding images to help you learn the muscle names. Always refer back to your lab guide to determine which muscles will be on the final lab test. Coloring the muscles as you label may also be a way to remember the names.

Each of the following sections has a blank sheet for printing that can be labeled by looking at the images of that section.

Label the Head and Neck
Image of Head Muscles | Image of Neck Muscles

Label the Thoracic Region (chest, back & stomach)
Image of the Thoracic Region | Image of Shoulders and Back

Label the Muscles of the Legs (front and Back)
Image of Legs (front) | Image of Legs (back)

Label the Muscles of the Arm
Image of Arm (top) | Image of Arm (bottom)

Lab Practical - For this test you will be shown slides where you must identify specific muscles, check out this Practice Test to get an idea of what the test will look like.


Part 3: Cat Muscles and Dissection

Cat Muscles Lab Guide - checklist of the muscles you need to identify on the cat

Presentation Slides - Muscles of the Arms and Chest

Presentation Slides - Muscles of the Legs and Abdomen

Coloring the Cat Muscles: Dorsal Side | Ventral Side

Cat Muscles - Photos of Muscles You Need to Know

Quizlet: Cat Muscles | Cat (Ventral Side) | Cat (Dorsal Side)

AnatomyCorner Resources - Virtual Cat Dissection | Cat Muscle Gallery