Anatomy & Physiology

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Chapter 12: Blood

This chapter focuses on blood cells, the genetics of blood types and disorders that affect the blood and concludes with an optional class activity that tests your blood type. Also OpenStax Chapter 18

Part 1: Blood Cells

Guided Notes: Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets

presentation Slides: Red Blood Cells | White Blood Cells | Platelets

Investigation: Hematocrit - practice calculating using simulated samples

Bloodspatter Lab

Blood Cell Concept Map | Blood Cell Crossword

Blood Feedback Loop - graphic organizer

Blood Case Studies (Hematology)

Blood Disorder Genetic Problems - sickle cell, hemophilia


Sickle Cell Anemia (Osmosis ~9 min)
The Wonderful World of Blood (Vimeo, 55 min)

Part 2: Blood Types

Notes: Blood Typing presentation | Guided Notes

Blood Typing Problems - predict the outcome of crosses

Blood Typing Lab - test your own blood! (permission form)
Blood Typing Lab 2 with simulated blood

(Article) Anti-D Donation | Article: Type A Conversion

Study Guide: Blood (summarizing all topics)

Review Kahoot