Blood Crossword


  1. causes vasospasm
  2. "bleeder's disease"
  3. low red blood cell count
  4. cancer of the blood
  5. thrombocytes (common word)
  6. clear, liquid portion of blood
  7. cell that "eats" other cells
  8. circulate in body and attach to foreign substances
  9. the process where bleeding is stopped
  10. cell surface markers
  11. Movie: My ___ Valentine
  12. organ that breaks down old, worn out blood


  1. binds to oxygen
  2. red blood cells
  3. percentage of blood cells and plasma in sample
  4. wbc that attacks parasites
  5. where new blood cells are created
  6. shape of a red blood cell
  7. clumping of blood cells from an immune response
  8. queen thought to be original carrier of hemophilia
  9. abnormal blood clot
  10. plasma protein that is converted to fibrin
  11. disease that causes rbc's to be abnormally shaped: __ Cell Disease
  12. white blood cells
  13. wbc's that produce antibodies