Dear GCHS Parents,

In our current unit in Human Anatomy & Physiology, students will be studying blood types and inheritance. To extend and personalize their learning, students will have the option of performing a lab where they will determine their own blood type (A,B,O and Rh factor). Some students may choose not to test their blood, and it is understood that some parents may not want to allow their children to participate for a variety of reasons. Therefore, only students who turn in written permission to test their blood will be allowed to perform this lab. Students will be advised on the serious concerns with exposure to blood-borne diseases; the following “Universal Precautions” will be taken:

• Sterile procedures will be followed and students will only work with their own blood.
• Students will not be allowed to be in contact with the blood of other students.
• This lab involves drawing a small sample of blood. Each student will stick him/herself with a single use
 lancet for the blood sample.
• All used lancets will be immediately discarded in a container specifically designed for collecting
• All work areas will be cleaned with disinfectant.

Students will find this lab to be particularly engaging, as they make connections between information studied in class and discover how this knowledge applies to them. It is an opportunity to do a lab with personal relevance. This lab is completely voluntary. There will be no penalty for students who do not participate in typing their own blood.  

Thank you,
GCHS Human Anatomy & Physiology Teachers


Please fill in the name of your son or daughter for one of the following options and return to class by
February 3rd:

☐ I give my permission for ________________________________ (student name) to perform the blood testing lab  using his/her own blood. 

Parent/guardian name (Please print)

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