Lab  Guide:  Ear & Ear


square Extrinsic Muscles (all 6)

Superior / Inferior Rectus
Medial / Lateral  Rectus
Superior / Inferior Oblique

square Fovea centralis
square Optic nerve
square Sclera
square Vitreous humor
square Aqueous humor
square Retina
square Cornea
square Lens
square Iris
square Pupil
square Ciliary Body (Suspensory Ligaments)
square Optic disc
square Choroid coat
square Tapetum (cows only)


square Tympanic Membrane
square Tympanic Cavity
square Cochlea
square Auditory Ossicles

square Malleus square Incus square Stapes

square Semicircular canals
square Labyrinth
square Round Window
square Oval Window
square Organ of Corti (within cochlea)
square Eustachian (Auditory) tube
square Vestibulocochlear (Auditory) Nerve
square External Auditory Meatus (Canal)

Locate each part of the eye and the ear and be prepared to identify structures on a lab test. Use models and real specimens throughout the lab.

Lab Test Day is __________________



eye model