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  • Biology 1 Final Exam Review Guide (Bee Book)

    Biology 1 Final Exam Review Guide (Bee Book)

    Study for your biology final exam with these comprehensive resources! Access study guides, practice tests, and key materials to ace your test!

  • Body Tissues Review

    Body Tissues Review

    This remote learning exercise was made for anatomy students studying body tissues. The review uses Google slides for students to drag labels to the different types of epithelial cells and label the connective tissue matrix. Another slide has photos of tissue for students to identify which is the epithelial, connective, nervous, and muscle tissue. Fun…

  • Evolution Crossword

    Evolution Crossword

    This simple worksheet is designed to help students with vocabulary and study for their test over the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection.

  • Frog Anatomy Label

    Frog Anatomy Label

    This worksheet is intended to help students review the anatomy of the frog after they have completed the dissection of the frog. Images show the internal anatomy of the frog with blanks for students to fill in the names of structures, like the liver, intestine, lungs, spleen, and heart. Guide also compares the male and…

  • Reinforcement: Chromosomes

    Reinforcement: Chromosomes

    Helpful review on chromosomes which focuses on terms such as diploid and haploid, mitosis and meiosis, and zygote versus gamete. Students also practice chromosome math using chickens as a model, which have 78 chromosomes in body cells. Worksheet is intended as a review for basic level biology students.

  • Review with Whiteboard Panels

    Review with Whiteboard Panels

    In order to review for final exams and to also tie together the semester, I had my students create boards that summarized the labs they did during the semester.   I choose 6 labs so that each group of three would be able create a whiteboard panel and do a mini presentation to the rest of…

  • Trip to the St. Louis Zoo

    Trip to the St. Louis Zoo

    As I walked along a path with bird exhibits to either side, it was very peaceful.  I didn’t feel crowded at all, and could sit at a bench and watch a little vulturine guineafowl as it went about its daily activities.