Body Tissues Review

This remote learning exercise was made for anatomy students studying body tissues. The review uses Google slides for students to drag labels to the different types of epithelial cells and label the connective tissue matrix.

Another slide has photos of tissue for students to identify which is the epithelial, connective, nervous, and muscle tissue. Fun fact: students usually forget that blood is a type of connective tissue, so this slide is intended to help them remember that.

The last slide gives descriptions of tissues, like what they do or where they are located and students can drag the name of the tissue to the description.

In the past, students have found it challenging to remember the types of tissues, their functions, and where they are located. I have reduced the amount of information and number of slides, though still use the story of Ella, a young girl with epidermolysis bullosa, as an anchoring phenomenon.

The case story weaves through the lesson on tissues. The first set of Google Slides focuses on epithelial tissues and the second set on connective tissue with minimal focus on nervous and muscles, mainly because we do those within separate chapters.

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