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  • Ear Anatomy – Drag and Drop Activity

    Ear Anatomy – Drag and Drop Activity

    Use Google slides to label structures of the ear in this drag and drop activity. Diagram includes the tympanum, ossicles, cochlea, and other organs.

  • Construct a Chordate Cladogram – Guided Learning

    Construct a Chordate Cladogram – Guided Learning

    Students learn how to construct a cladogram with this guided learning activity that focuses on the chordate group.

  • Learn the Anatomy of the Eye

    Learn the Anatomy of the Eye

    This labeling activity was designed for remote learners so that students can practice identifying the anatomical structures of the eye. The activity was made with Google slides so that students can move the text boxes to the numbers on the labels. The image of the eye shows major structures, like the cornea, lens, fovea centralis,…

  • DNA – Build It

    DNA – Build It

    This digital modeling activity allows students to build a DNA model by dragging the individual parts into a completed diagram

  • DNA Drag and Drop

    DNA Drag and Drop

    Label DNA models by dragging boxes to the correct spot on Google Slides. Models show major events in DNA replication, and molecules involved.

  • Body Tissues Review

    Body Tissues Review

    This remote learning exercise was made for anatomy students studying body tissues. The review uses Google slides for students to drag labels to the different types of epithelial cells and label the connective tissue matrix. Another slide has photos of tissue for students to identify which is the epithelial, connective, nervous, and muscle tissue. Fun…

  • Skeleton Label Using Slides

    Skeleton Label Using Slides

    Many students in health, anatomy, and biology classes learn the bones of the skeleton. To introduce the topic with my anatomy students, I usually lay random bones on the tables. Students guess where the bone is found in the body. Some are easy, like the femur. The scapula usually stumps them. It can be a…