Skeleton Label

I have plenty of skeleton labeling exercises for my anatomy class, but this year I needed to create worksheets that students could do remotely. Most students do not have access to a printer and using annotating apps like Kami are not ideal. I learned during last semester’s remote learning that students will be confused when asked to take extra steps to complete assignments. I have tried to adapt labeling worksheets so that students do not need extra steps and the assignments can be completed within google classroom.

For this skeleton label, I used a wiki image as a background on a Google Slide page and added text boxes with the names of the bones. Students use the mouse to drag the boxes to the appropriate location. This document is also available in Microsoft ppt format with the answer key at TpT.

The second slide has empty text boxes that students must fill in the words, which is a little more challenging. This is mainly meant for practice, students can easily look up the answers while doing this project. If this activity was done in class, I would give students 5-10 minutes to practice labeling and then we would put the answers on the overhead projector.


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