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  • Heart Anatomy for Remote Learners

    Heart Anatomy for Remote Learners

    Students learn about the heart with these activities designed for remote learners. Label the heart with a drag-and-drop activity or a printed one.

  • Tasmanian Devil Karyotype (Remote Version)

    Tasmanian Devil Karyotype (Remote Version)

    Examine a karyotype showing the chromosomes of a Tasmanian devil. Arrange chromosomes and determine diploid number.

  • Corn Chi Square (remote)

    Corn Chi Square (remote)

    This is the remote version of a classroom activity I do with corn ears. Students would count the kernels (smooth, wrinkled, purple, yellow) and determine if the ears of corn are the result of a dihybrid cross, RrPp x RrPp. This gives students the opportunity to apply statically analysis to data sets and determine if…

  • Genetic Crosses in Rabbits (Remote)

    Genetic Crosses in Rabbits (Remote)

    Students learn how to do Punnett squares with two traits by practicing completing 4×4 squares.

  • Karyotype Analysis Using Google Slides

    Karyotype Analysis Using Google Slides

    Students group homologous pairs of chromosomes and arrange them by size on the grid using google slides. Diagnose the genetic disorder.

  • Genetics Practice (Remote)

    Genetics Practice (Remote)

    This worksheet was modified from a popular (and long-standing) worksheet where students practice genetics crosses: Simple Genetics Practice Problems. This version was created for remote learning during the 2020 pandemic. It is similar to the printout students would normally use, but in the case, I used inserted tables in Google docs to set up the…

  • Genetics Practice Problems with Google Slides

    Genetics Practice Problems with Google Slides

    For students who are learning remotely, genetics lessons that involve Punnett squares and probability may be challenging.  In a traditional class, I would give students small whiteboards and we would practice doing crosses together. I could circulate around the room to help students who are struggling, and they could help each other. Plus, they love writing…

  • Brain Label (Remote)

    Brain Label (Remote)

    This brain labeling activity was created for remote learners as an alternative to the labeling and coloring worksheet we would traditionally do in class. Instead of coloring and labeling on printouts, students use google slides to drag labels to the images or type the answers into text boxes. The slides do not have labeled diagrams…

  • Brain Dissection – Virtual Version

    Brain Dissection – Virtual Version

    Don’t have time or the resources to do a dissection in the classroom? Try this virtual version to supplement your lessons on the brain! In a traditional anatomy class, students dissect a sheep brain using the Sheep Brain Dissection Guide which walks them through identifying first external features of the brain and then internal features.…

  • DNA Drag and Drop

    DNA Drag and Drop

    Label DNA models by dragging boxes to the correct spot on Google Slides. Models show major events in DNA replication, and molecules involved.

  • Muscles Labeling

    Muscles Labeling

    This activity is aligned to my anatomy and physiology curriculum where students study the structure and function of muscle tissues. This has been a challenging topic to cover remotely because I can’t use traditional models. Typically, I would use straws and rubber bands to model fascicles and myofibrils. This activity is part of a unit…

  • Investigation: Mitosis

    Investigation: Mitosis

    This mitosis investigation was created during the 2020 pandemic for remote learning. In previous years, biology students would view slides in the lab and analyze data on cancer and mitotic index. This at-home activity only looks at the mitosis of onion cells and I plan to add cancer and mitotic index as a separate activity.…

  • Skull Label (remote)

    Skull Label (remote)

    This activity was designed for anatomy and physiology with students working remotely during the 2020 pandemic. Students are given a short overview of the skull during virtual class and then encouraged to watch the Pop Up Biology video which explains the features of the skull (foramen, condyles, process…etc.) The activity is made on google slides…

  • Label a Long Bone – Google Slides

    Label a Long Bone – Google Slides

    Anatomy students in traditional classes practice labeling the bone on paper or even doing a coloring activity to help them learn the parts of the bone. Students complete this activity on their Chromebooks, reducing the need for paper. This labeling is simply a drag and drop exercise that students can complete directly in Google Slides.…

  • Case Study – Mitosis, Cancer, and the HPV Vaccine

    Case Study – Mitosis, Cancer, and the HPV Vaccine

    Students in my anatomy class get a quick review of the cell and mitosis. This activity on HPV shows how the cell cycle relates to overall health. In fact, many of the chapters in anatomy have anchoring phenomena on diseases and health. For example, cystic fibrosis is a cellular transport problem, but has serious effects…