Skull Label (remote)

This activity was designed for anatomy and physiology with students working remotely during the 2020 pandemic. Students are given a short overview of the skull during virtual class and then encouraged to watch the Pop Up Biology video which explains the features of the skull (foramen, condyles, process…etc.)

The activity is made on google slides so that students can drag and drop labels to the correct box. Major bones are shown, such as the frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, mandible, and maxilla. Specific features are also labeled, like the supraorbital foramen, and the mastoid process.

Sutures are also shown in the side view of the skull. The Pop Up Biology video does a great job of explaining the landscape of the bones and how these small structures are named.

Several views of the skull are shown on the slides: front, side, a view from the bottom showing the foramen magnum, and the inside of the skull the reveals the shape of the sphenoid bone (butterfly).

A few of the slides have additional information and descriptions to help locate the structures, such as the mandible slide which describes the location of the coronoid process and the mandibular condyle and the ramus.