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  • Practice Identifying the Phases of Meiosis

    Practice Identifying the Phases of Meiosis

    Practice and reinforcement of the phases of meiosis 1 and 2. Identify major events that happen in each phase and drag images into the correct position.

  • Neuroglia Labeling with Google Slides

    Neuroglia Labeling with Google Slides

    Save paper by assigning labeling worksheets on Google Classroom. Instead of writing in labels, students drag and drop the labels to the appropriate area on the image. The labeling focuses on the neuron and supporting neuroglia (or glial) cells. These cells provide provide physical and metabolic support to neurons. Neuroglia cells are different from nerve…

  • Muscles Labeling

    Muscles Labeling

    This activity is aligned to my anatomy and physiology curriculum where students study the structure and function of muscle tissues. This has been a challenging topic to cover remotely because I can’t use traditional models. Typically, I would use straws and rubber bands to model fascicles and myofibrils. This activity is part of a unit…

  • Skull Label (remote)

    Skull Label (remote)

    This activity was designed for anatomy and physiology with students working remotely during the 2020 pandemic. Students are given a short overview of the skull during virtual class and then encouraged to watch the Pop Up Biology video which explains the features of the skull (foramen, condyles, process…etc.) The activity is made on google slides…

  • Bone Tissue (Guided)

    Bone Tissue (Guided)

    Students learn about bone tissue by progressing through slides with images and explanations. Students perform tasks, such as labeling or answering questions.

  • Cell Labeling (Remote)

    Cell Labeling (Remote)

    Can you ever have too many cell labeling practice worksheets? This one uses Slides for students to drag and drop labels to the image.

  • Urinary System Label

    Urinary System Label

    This image was modified from a wikimedia file so that students can fill in the answers. I have made four versions within a Google doc for either practice or differentiation. One version just has boxes for students to name the structures, and a second version has a word bank for developing learners. The other versions…

  • Reinforcement: Cell

    Reinforcement: Cell

    This is a practice worksheet for students who are learning structures found in the cell. A list of terms can be matched with descriptions and definitions. The same terms can be used to label a diagram of an animal cell. I use reinforcement worksheets for review or remediation. I will give students 10 minutes to…

  • Label and Color the Urinary System

    Label and Color the Urinary System

    This simple worksheet asks students to label the major structures of the urinary system. They can also choose to color the diagram. I use coloring sheets in anatomy and physiology classes but this could also be used in biology or as a supplemental graphic for a frog or fetal pig dissection. Though many of my…

  • Label the Body Regions

    Label the Body Regions

    This worksheet is used with a beginning anatomy unit that discusses anatomical terminology and body regions. 

  • Microscope Labeling

    Microscope Labeling

     This simple worksheet pairs with a lesson on the light microscope, where beginning biology students learn the parts of the light microscope and the steps needed to focus a slide under high power.