Practice Identifying the Phases of Meiosis


We are back to remote learning in 2022 due to the surge in the Omicron variant of Covid-19. We had just started meiosis in AP Biology. I usually practice with models, like pipecleaners and chalk markers on their desks. In the past, students have even gotten creative with creating stop-motion movies on their phone!

To learn meiosis remotely, I use a Google Slide Presentation followed by this practice worksheet. I have also posted videos from the Amoeba sisters and Crash course.

With AP Biology, I try to focus on prophase 1, crossing over, and mapping. This leads to the lab investigation where students use Sordaria fungus to determine how far away a gene is from the centromere of the chromosome.

This practice worksheet gives students basic reinforcement of the phases of meiosis. They also identify major events that happen in each phase and drag images into the correct position.

Other Resources for Meiosis

Meiosis Worksheet – reinforcement and practice, easy difficulty

Meiosis Phases Graphic Organizer – simple chart to identify phases and summarize main events

Openstax Reading Guide – follows chapter on meiosis

Meiosis in Sordaria Fungus – virtual lab using photos of spores to determine cross-over frequency



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