Label and Color the Urinary System

This simple worksheet asks students to label the major structures of the urinary system. They can also choose to color the diagram.

I use coloring sheets in anatomy and physiology classes but this could also be used in biology or as a supplemental graphic for a frog or fetal pig dissection.

Though many of my students like coloring exercises, I do have a few that really dislike coloring. This worksheet doesn’t need to be colored and students who don’t care to color it can still benefit from the labeling.

In addition to paper models of the urinary system, students are also given models to locate the structures. Anatomy students also dissect a kidney which are fairly inexpensive to purchase.

This coloring worksheet can be paired with a related activity where students label and color the internal structures of the kidney: nephrons, renal pyramids, renal pelvis.

urinary system

Time Required: 10-15 minutes
Grade Level: 7-12