Neuroglia Labeling with Google Slides

Save paper by assigning labeling worksheets on Google Classroom. Instead of writing in labels, students drag and drop the labels to the appropriate area on the image.

The labeling focuses on the neuron and supporting neuroglia (or glial) cells. These cells provide provide physical and metabolic support to neurons. Neuroglia cells are different from nerve cells in that they do not participate directly in synaptic interactions

Students can also label a nerve cell and color neuroglia cells using paper handouts. I have also had students model neurons with clay and chalk markers.

I even have a neuron plushie to go along with this lesson and use toilet paper rolls to model the myelin sheath.

The lecture slides for this chapter focus on a case where a young woman develops multiple sclerosis. Using this case as an anchoring phenomenon, students a shown how nerves work and the importance of supporting cells and the myelin sheath.

The nervous system is a very broad unit, which I usually break down into two subunits: one focusing on the nerve cells and impulses, and then the second subunit focusing on the anatomy of the brain, which does include a dissection of the sheep brain.