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  • Investigation: Concussions

    Investigation: Concussions

    This investigation is completed by watching videos and analyzing data on concussions. Students first watch a Ted-Ed video on what happens when you have a concussion. The digital handout contains questions from the video. Students then visit neuroanatomy.ca where they view coronal brain slices. Then they label an image and compare a normal brain versus…

  • Neuroglia Labeling with Google Slides

    Neuroglia Labeling with Google Slides

    Save paper by assigning labeling worksheets on Google Classroom. Instead of writing in labels, students drag and drop the labels to the appropriate area on the image. The labeling focuses on the neuron and supporting neuroglia (or glial) cells. These cells provide provide physical and metabolic support to neurons. Neuroglia cells are different from nerve…

  • Body Systems Graphic Organizer

    Body Systems Graphic Organizer

    Graphic of the body systems where students fill in blanks about structures within the organ system and their functions.   This concept map can be used as a review or as a way to organize notes over the body systems.