Label a Long Bone

long bone labeling

Anatomy students in traditional classes may do practice labeling the bone on paper or even doing a coloring activity to help them learn the parts of the bone.

The 2020 pandemic required that many of these activities be converted a format that students could complete online with a device, making labeling and coloring a little tricky. It’s not impossible, but if students get frustrated trying to use apps to complete assignments, teachers find that many will give up. I try to make mine as simple as possible in formats that students are already familiar with and don’t require downloading addons or signing into other platforms.

This labeling is simply a drag and drop exercise that students can complete directly in Google Slides. For those using Google Classroom, it is simple to add the assignment and give each student a copy.

The background was designed using an image from Wikimedia Commons where boxes were added for students to label the image. This image will be very easy to find (with the answers) if students care to look. For that reason, I don’t usually use this type of activity for assessment, it is mainly for learning and practice. In face-to-face class, it would be something we work on for 10-15 minutes and then go over the answers together.

The Teachers Pay Teachers link below provides a downloadable PowerPoint version plus the answer key, which as I mentioned is pretty easy to find on Wiki.

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