Brain Label (Remote)

This brain labeling activity was created for remote learners as an alternative to the labeling and coloring worksheet we would traditionally do in class. Instead of coloring and labeling on printouts, students use google slides to drag labels to the images or type the answers into text boxes.

The slides do not have labeled diagrams but does include links to 3D models on Sketchfab as a reference. Students are encourages to view diagrams in their textbook or use diagrams on google. The brain image I used for labeling came from Wikimedia Commons , but the labels are not in English. This will make it difficult for students to just copy the answers, but certainly there are plenty of brain images out there that can be used as references.

The activity includes an external view of the brain where students label the lobes of the cerebrum (frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal) and the cerebellum. Next students drag and drop labels to the internal structures, such as the thalamus, midbrain, corpus callosum, pineal body, and colliculi.

The next slide has the same image, but this time students need to type the words, though they can always click back to the slide before to check. Mainly, this is just for reinforcement and practice.

The last two slides take a close look at the brain stem and the limbic system, both with links to 3D models on sketchfab.

I use these types of worksheet for practice and reinforcement and rarely give grades for practice done in class. My typical lesson would include going over the brain and each structure, then allowing students to practice labeling on their own, then go over that with them the next day or at the end of the class period.

I also have several Quizlets and brain anatomy quizzes to help students learn the structures.