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  • Investigation: Concussions

    Investigation: Concussions

    This investigation is completed by watching videos and analyzing data on concussions. Students first watch a Ted-Ed video on what happens when you have a concussion. The digital handout contains questions from the video. Students then visit neuroanatomy.ca where they view coronal brain slices. Then they label an image and compare a normal brain versus…

  • Brain Label (Remote)

    Brain Label (Remote)

    This brain labeling activity was created for remote learners as an alternative to the labeling and coloring worksheet we would traditionally do in class. Instead of coloring and labeling on printouts, students use google slides to drag labels to the images or type the answers into text boxes. The slides do not have labeled diagrams…

  • Brain Dissection – Virtual Version

    Brain Dissection – Virtual Version

    Don’t have time or the resources to do a dissection in the classroom? Try this virtual version to supplement your lessons on the brain! In a traditional anatomy class, students dissect a sheep brain using the Sheep Brain Dissection Guide which walks them through identifying first external features of the brain and then internal features.…

  • Brain Anatomy (Coloring)

    Brain Anatomy (Coloring)

    Students learn brain structures and their functions by reading short descriptions and coloring an image. The description are organized into three main areas of the brain: cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem. The brain stem also includes structures of the diencephalon (thalamus and hypothalamus). In addition to coloring the image according to the directions, students identify…

  • Brain Crossword

    Brain Crossword

    Students can practice their knowledge of the brain by completing this crossword puzzle. The puzzle includes information about the lobes of the brain (frontal, occipital, parietal, and temporal) as well as specific structures within the brain and their function. The terms are intended for students of anatomy and physiology, where they must explore details of…

  • Removal of the Frog’s Brain

    Removal of the Frog’s Brain

    This worksheet provides instruction for removing the brain and reveal the lower leg bones, which include the femur and the tibiofibula (fused tibia and fibula).

  • Sheep Brain Dissection Guide

    Sheep Brain Dissection Guide

    The brain is one of the most interesting dissections to perform, mainly because all of the structures are easily found and animal models closely resemble human brains..  In this lab guide, students are given instruction on how to remove the dura mater,  and locate the main structures of the external brain